Easter 2009 wishes to Maddie from Gramma Dell

(Sent along with a puppet that sings "I Really Love You")


Halloween wishes to Maddie from Gramma Dell


Gramma moved to a retirement home in Palm Springs this year, but she would never forget to send Maddie an annual Halloween card. Dell misses Maddie more than words can express, and keeps a beautiful photo of Maddie and Cec on her wall..



Because she lives lives in Las Vegas, Cec's Mom doesn't get to see Maddie as frequently as she would like to (which would be ALL the time if she lived in LA). For Halloween of 2007, Gramma Dell sent Maddie a beautiful little doll with a music box inside, along with this card. Maddie is never out of her thoughts.


Below: Maddie and Cecily's Mom, Gramma Dell, when Maddie was 5 months old. Photo by Uncle Marky.