Cec & Maddie: PHOTO ALBUM

above: February 2002

below: Halloween 2002: a picture postcard


Above: Cec sang "Good Morning" to Maddie every day. (Sept 2001)

Below: Cec loved the photo below of Maddie; when Maddie was a baby she would sit mesmerized in her high chair by "Baby Einstein"-type videos (fall/winter 2001)



below: one of Cecily's favorite baby pictures of Maddie. She loved how adorable Maddie looked in the pink hat. Showing off this photo brought Cec enormous joy, along with a huge grin to her face.


below: Maddie's 2nd Birthday, August 2003


below: Maddie in the Ball Pit, late 2002


above: Cecily's "MONA LISA"  (Jan, 2004).



above: Cec, and Maddie at age 2, November 2003 



above left: Cec's husband Jim Beaver, Madeline Rose Beaver, Cecily Adams



above: Cecily and Maddie (age 1), summer 2002


Below: Maddie at 5 months (early 2002)

(photo by Uncle Marky with love)


above: May7, 2004 - Franklin Canyon Park


above: "Love of Mother and Child" (January 2004)

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