Boarding School

Cec spoke often of the months that she and her sisters spent in boarding school during a time when their Mom was attempting to go to medical school (a dream never realized). Cec always talked about how much her experience of several months there had traumatized her. I recently received an e-mail from someone who was there at that time, and I found it very touching:

Hello Mark. My name is Carol Reardon and I went to boarding school with Cecily and her sisters. This morning, I woke up thinking about my days at boarding school.  I remember so clearly the day that Cecily and her sisters came to school with their mother.  I think the reason I remember that day so well is that Cecily was literally a baby, she was not even old enough to be in the first grade. She was such a sweet child and her wonderful sisters looked after her. I think how difficult that must have been for all the girls, but a baby, well I was really amazed. I will always remember the sisters walking hand in hand with their baby sister, and that child was always smiling.  They were just lovely girls, all three of them. In the evenings, when their father was on TV, we, (all the boarding students) would watch him sing in the chorus of the Perry Como Show.  I have thought of little Cecily many times over the years. She was  a tiny little girl, but such a sparkle of sunshine in that dreary boarding school.
Best Regards,
Carol Reardon

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