The Element Cecium / Cesium

Cesium /Cecium/ Caesium - Element Properties and Periodic Table Info

Cesium - An element from the Periodic Table based on the IOUPAC 1985 standard

Spelling of the Element
Caesium spelt as Cesium in the USA (also Cecium)

Definition of the Cesium Element
A soft, silvery-white ductile metal, liquid at room temperature, the most electropositive and alkaline of the elements, used in photoelectric cells and to catalyze hydrogenation of some organic compounds.

Origin / Meaning of the name Cesium
The word Caesium originates from the Latin word 'caesius' which means "sky blue" from the bright blue lines in its spectrum.

Classification of the Cesium Element
is classified as an "Alkali Metal" and located in Group 1 elements of the Periodic Table. An Element classified as an Alkali Metal is a very reactive metal that does not occur freely in nature. Alkali metals are soft, malleable, ductile, and are good conductors of heat and electricity.

Facts about the History of the Cesium Element
Cesium was discovered by Fustov Kirchoff and Robert Bunsen in 1860 from mineral water found in Dürkheim, Germany. It was the first element discovered by spectrum analysis.

Occurrence the Cesium Element
Obtained from pollucite and lepidolite

Associated Uses of Cesium
Atomic clocks
Removes air traces in vacuum tubes
Ion propulsion systems
Photoelectric cells
Cesium vapor

The Properties of the Cesium Element
Name of Element : Cesium
Symbol of Element : Cs
Atomic Number of Cesium : 55
Atomic Mass: 132.90546 amu
Melting Point: 28.5 °C - 301.65 °K
Boiling Point: 678.4 °C - 951.55005 °K
Number of Protons/Electrons in Cesium : 55
Number of Neutrons in Cesium : 78
Crystal Structure: Cubic
Density @ 293 K: 1.873 g/cm3
Color of Cesium :

NOTE: While Cesium Chloride has been advanced as a possible cancer therapy, by increasing the blood's ph level to one that is poisonous to cancer cells but fine for healthy cells, there seems to be little literature and no double blind, peer reviewed Clinical Testing.

Cesium and the Periodic Table
Check out Cesium on the Periodic Table which arranges each chemical element according to its atomic number, as based on the periodic law, so that chemical elements with similar properties are in the same column. Our Periodic Table is simple to use - just click on the symbol for Cesium for additional information and for an instant comparison of the Atomic Weight, Melting Point, Boiling Point and Mass - G/cc with any other element. An invaluable source of facts and information as a Chemistry reference guide.