Cecily's career as Houli The Clown

After graduating from UC Irvine in Theater Arts, Cec began her showbiz career on Sundays at Houlihan's Restaurant as "Houli The Clown." She even had a clown agent who would book her for birthday parties.



It comes as no surprise to those who know Cecily well to learn that she was late on her way to entertain at a children's birthday party. As she raced her car into the lot of the playground where the party was being held and screeched to a halt, Cec decided to make an "entrance" in order to compensate for her lateness --- by popping up through the sunroof of her car. However, as Cec made the leap upward, her shirt got caught in something and was ripped away. "You mean ...?" I asked sheepishly. Cec laughed and replied, "They found out I was a girl clown."


below: one can feel the impish touch of Charlie Chaplin's "little tramp" in Cecily's Houli.