Cec traveled periodically to conventions whenever she could --- and Cec loved doing the Ferengi Family Hour. It seems as if she'd always be having a rehearsal at her house just before a new convention so that everyone could brush up on it. I went to see the show at Fantasticon 2000 in LA, and sat with Cec as she signed autographs. Other than when with Maddie, I'd never seen Cec having so much fun. Whenever any individual would say something to Cec about her work on Star Trek, it was as if she was hearing it for the first time. She appreciated and basked in every single person's comments. Cec was such a people person --- she had more friends ... friends who loved and adored her --- then any person I've ever met. Maddie seems to have that same special quality ...she is such a loved child (see my Valentine To Maddie").


above: Cec sings "Feelin' Moogie"




above: an autograph session, and Cec's characteristic posed smile


"The Ferengi Family Hour" from the Grand Slam Convention, March 2001


Cec signs a poster at her kitchen table (at Maddie's "first" house)


photo above from the 2002 Tulsa convention- Don Pugh of Siloam Springs, Arkansas writes:

Cecily is one of the few stars who I still remember after such a brief visit in the autograph line.  She made a comment that my name was the same as her Dad's. I do remember hearing her say that she was eager to get back to see her baby at the hotel.

She had a smile that I will always remember and I'm thankful for that brief moment I shared with her.  And on stage, she was a ball of energy.  I can only imagine your pain from your loss; I remember how I felt when I heard she'd passed, and I was saddened that her daughter Maddie had lost one of the most important people in her life. Please take comfort in the fact that Cecily made so many lives a little better by giving her time and energy to those of us who only dream of being special.



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