above: circa age 5 (according to Cecily's mother, beneath the grin lurks a little devil)

below: Cec performs "Ten Cents a Dance"

below: Cecily's grade 2 (1965), 3 (1966) and 4 (1967) class photos at Oakland Terrance Elementary School in Maryland. She lived in Italy at age 8, back to Maryland to finish grade school  ... then moved to LA to go to Beverly Hills High.


Below: Cec at age 8 while living in Rome, Italy

below: exact date not known, but likely circa 1969-70


BELOW: Cec's yearbook photo from the 8th grade in Maryland (circa 1971) --- 

--- and Cec's notation in her friend Tom Lange's yearbook ....

below: Cec hiking as a teenager

Below: BRONCO; age 4


Below: Cec at age 3 with sister Christine.


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