Cecily's very dear friend Glenn Morshower put together a spiritual evening with Nashville song artist Jana Stanfield coinciding with sixth months since Cecily's passing. Jana's music is very much in harmony with what Cec would have been drawn to. 


One song in particular, "If I Had Only Known," moved me to tears as I thought of Cec. 

On 2-25-04, I had sent an e-mail to Cecily's family just giving a sweet update on Cec's return home after 2 weeks in the hospital; I had no idea that I would be recording the last time that Maddie and Cec would see one another on this Earth : 

"As bedtime drew near I decided to just carry Maddie in for a minute --- I told Maddie that Mama has a booboo so we can only stay a minute to say goodnight and then Mama has to sleep. Both Uncle Russell and Ida were also in the room when we entered. To describe the look on Cecilyís face upon seeing Maddie cannot be done meaningfully in words. And Maddie removed herself quickly from my arms as soon as she saw Cec, went right up to the bed, climbed on the step stool, and leaned over to take Cecilyís hand. Prompted by a few questions, Maddie told Cec about her time at the park today. It was very, very moving, even if brief. There was an indescribable bond that a two-week sojourn had not changed for Maddie. And it made Cec smile for the first time in --- I donít know how long."

For more of Jana's music, visit  www.JanaStanfield.com         (c) (p) Relatively Famous Records 1992, 1995  

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