Photos below were taken when Maddie was about 3 years-old (no current photos of Maddie are placed on this web site). Every Friday I would bring a Pizza to the Park for Maddie and her Nannie's kids, from the only restaurant that had Cecily's seal of approval (a health food place where the cheese was made of soy).

above: Maddie finishes downing her 3rd or 4th slice !!!


above: Here Maddie "Ribbits" like a frog, then rolls in the mud shouting "I'm an Oinkie !!!"


above: Maddie thinks about the yummy taste of Pooh Bear's honey that awaits her in the tree (notice the red above her lips from Pizza sauce, a common result of Friday lunch and Wednesday dinners)


above: Maddie pays hommage to Pooh Bear's tree, then asks Marky to help her climb. Cecily would get such a kick out of Maddie climbing trees --- Cec told me how she was a Tom Boy as a kid, and loved to climb trees. Maddie would reach great heights by climbing the tree while standing on Marky's shoulders (well held, of course). Then she'd reach for the honey, and pass it down to the hungry spectators below.


above: Another successful day of stuffing her face with pizza and climbing the trees.


above: A candid photo of Marky and Maddie back at Maddie's house, snapped by the Nannie's little boy, Danny. It made Cecily happy to know how much love there was between Maddie and myself  --- Cec had me in mind as a babysitter (!!!) and wanted Maddie to only be around people who Maddie felt comfort with. Cec had felt very sad and lonely as a little girl, and wanted Maddie to only know the feeling of pure love. Nowhere did Maddie get such love more than from her darling Mother, and of course her Daddy.

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