Some Photos from Maddie's Childhood

Maddie and Santa, Christmas 2004-05


I took Maddie to a "Magic Fun Carnival" in October 2004.


Maddie outside the "new house" in March 2004. Cec designed the place, working with an architect, as her "dream house." I told Maddie that Mommy and Daddy had built this house just for her. And Cecily had the opportunity to realize her dream, from Christmas Eve of 2003 through the month of January 2004 --- during January her new doctor worked miracles to allow her to be up and ambulatory, having Maddie on her knee again for the first time in months, and enjoying all the fruits of her dreams labors. She was even feeling well-enough for me to drive her places so that she could pick out things for the house ! Cec came home to see the house in its final form for the first timethe day before Christmas, and because the place was filled with nothing but boxes and some furniture just strewn around, the Art Department at the TV show that Cec was casting at the time, ("That 70s Show"), volunteered to work above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty the night before and transformed the house into a magical palace, even strewn with beautiful outdoor Christmas lights. When I first walked up and saw the transformation from the just the outside, done out of love for Cec, I practically burst into tears. Cecily's Producers engaged a sled to take Maddie for a wonderful sleigh-ride in the streets of the neighborhood. Their was nobody that knew Cec who didn't love her.


Above: Maddie in a ponytail - circa May 2004

(from a series of photos taken by Uncle Marky with Love, during our weekly family dinner)


Maddie climbs a tree in March, 2004. Cec once told me how she was a tomboy as a kid and loved to climb trees. I wonder who Maddie takes after? She'd always reach up for the honey just like Pooh Bear did, and then she would pass it down to share with everyone.


Maddie as a Spacewoman?  Fall 2004


Maddie in March of 2004 (taken by Ida's daughter Michelle. Ida (Aboleeta) was Cecily's Godmother.)


Maddie in Summer/Fall 2004


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