A Note to Maddie from Marky

My Darling Maddie,

     Your Mom went through a real transformation throughout her life, in terms of what she was trying to find in order to achieve happiness. It seems to me like a story that you would want to hear about:

     When I first me your Mom and Aunt Stacey while working on a film production that found the 3 of us in a grand adventure together shooting a movie in the Phillipines, (we all became best buddies very quickly), she was kind of a jack-of-all-trades. She was pursuing a career as an actress, as a casting director, poet and songwriter, teacher, and Lord-knows how many other creative dreams. When I asked her which was the one that she really wanted to succeed at, she laughed and just said "I want it all."

     And you know what? She achieved everything that she set out to accomplish. By the time of your birth she was an international cult figure from her role as Ishka (aka "Moogie") on the cult classic TV series START TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, and she owned her own company, "Adams Casting," in which she was the primary casting director of films and major primetime network TV series. She had also spent many years doing Improv comedy at the Groundlings and at the Acme Theater Company (I have a lot of "pirated" video of those performances; I'd sneak a video camera in under my jacket!) She had also performed in countless plays (primarily at "Theater West"), and had directed plays too, and taught acting classes, mainly in how to do "cold reading" auditions. Your mother loved working with actors, (and she had the phone number of the agent of every actor in town memorized ... no kidding). I don't know where she got her boundless energy from ... it made me dizzy just to watch. :-)  (I still have a crashed hard drive that she was writing some poetry on ... I was told that the drive was beyond recovery. It was quite devastating to your Mom that so much of her creative work had been "lost," but I've kept the drive for you all these years in case they ever invent a way to recover it.)

     At the time that you were born in 2001, Cecily was spending most of her full-time efforts building up her casting company. At noon your Nanny would bring you by her office in a bassinette to visit, and then she'd call me after work to meet up with you guys in the park so that I could push you on the swing while she sat in front and waved.

     Naturally she had no time to deal with stage performances with a small baby to take care of, and she had also not done any Improv Comedy in a few years. I said to her one day that I hoped she would get back into improv comedy some day when the timing was right. And you know what she said to me? "Mark, I don't care anything anymore about acting, or about casting. All I want to do is be with Maddie." And she really meant it. Your Mom would often say how you had brought joy into her life ... by implication it was a joy that she had been searching for but had never found. For all the things that she had thought would bring her happiness, ultimately it wasn't until you arrived on the scene that I saw her genuinely happy for the first time, (not to take away from the fact that she would often say that her wedding day was the happiest day of her life).

     The time that you and your Mother spent together was far too short ... but it was also the finest time in her life and something that you will always carry within you in the person that you have grown to be. They say that most of a person's character is shaped in the first few years of their life. To that end, Maddie Rose, you are a person who had the happiest, most loving and caring Mother who has ever lived. And she gave all of that love unconditionally to you in every possible way. I thought you should know that. As if you ever doubted.

Love, Uncle Marky.

(written April 2010)

Danny took this photo of you and me after an afternoon in the park. It was a "real film" camera, rather than a digital one, where you'd look through a viewfinder. Danny was fascinated by it. He snapped the photo just an instant before we had posed for it. Summer of 2004.


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