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    Because not all visitors to this site are interested in medical information relating to lung cancer, the menu is now contained in this separate area. It is the belief of this web site creator that one of Cecily's enduring legacies should be for this web site to offer the benefit of important cutting-edge information to others who are in need. It would have been very, very valuable to Cecily's battle if she'd had access to such information from the start. Please feel free to post this menu page on other web sites so that the information can become known.

    IMPORTANT: There is frank medical discussion contained in these pages that might be uncomfortable to some. This information will likely be of interest to those who are ill, or who are caring for someone who is ill. I place this notice especially so that family and friends of Cecily are not caused discomfort by inadvertently reading the discussion below if it is not necessary. The purpose of this frank information is to help other patients gain cutting-edge knowledge that has not been collected and concisely stated in one place, and which may help others to extend their fight. 

   Much of the information presented below will not enter the public eye for another decade or much longer. Especially important to inform patients about is the fact that there are now several "targeted" drug  treatments that have come onto the market as of mid-March of 2004 that may help to double the survival statistics of some late stage cancers --- yet very few doctors are willing to offer all of these options to all of their patients because --- for certain types of cancer --- the full 10 years of trials are technically not yet completed. For a patient who does not enjoy the luxury of time, this is not an acceptable approach ... and yet patients are simply not told by their doctors of these additional possible options. Indeed, most front line Oncologists probably know very little about what the "state of the art" is in cancer research ... including those "research" doctors who conduct the trials. It is important to remember the following when planning a strategy and looking to put together a medical team: Innovation by front-line practitioners is not how the medical system is designed to work --- patients mistakenly believe that it is. In short, a typical Oncologist may only know what they have been taught to do --- nothing more. And those who may know more are afraid to act, in order to protect their careers. When a Doctor tells you that it is not yet established if certain combinations of new drugs are safe, they most likely mean that it is unsafe for their careers. They are not the ones with nothing to lose. Keep looking for a rare, cutting edge Oncologist who is not afraid to formulate a multiple targeted drug cocktail --- and be certain that all other specialists are on board ... and are willing to fight aggressively to give this cocktail the chance to succeed.

   On a novel targeted drug cocktail (see Cecily's Oil), as well as a new Chemo Regimen (see A Better Chemo), the acceleration of the metastasis (spread) was dropping at a rate of 66% per 3-week cycle --- a home run! --- (see GRAPH); it was the tragic byproduct of a fluid complication not related to the anti-cancer cocktail that took our dear Cecily from us;  i.v. chemo and oral targeted drugs do not kill cancer cells that reside in fluids (see Complications).

   Cecily was a true pioneer --- she found a rare cutting-edge Oncologist who was willing to formulate the first "lung cancer cocktail" from half a dozen existing "targeted" drugs, even if the drugs were not yet "officially approved" for lung cancer. Cecily proved that creating a cocktail of many of these targeted drugs is safe and non-toxic, and potentially effective. 

a nice e-mail received:   Keep doing what you're doing. With the many variables of cancer, specific "real person" stories and situations are a blessing to those in need. In sharing with others what is learned, not only does it help with the healing process, but something that is mentioned may be just the information someone newly diagnosed may be looking for. Taking the time to post information that you have experienced and learned is a tribute not only to your friend's memory and not only shows love for her, but for people in general.  Gregory Pawelski

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Please note that since creation of this section, additional "targeted" drugs for cancer have been developed. The problem, however, seems to be the very slow pace at which the FDA is willing to allow these drugs to be used as a "cocktail" --- the intent of Targeted Therapy --- and the fact that even using just one of these new drugs is unaffordable. The system is not working as it should, and cancer patients should rightfully be upset and fighting. Cecily was a pioneer of Targeted Medicine. If only it could now live up to its potential - bureaucratic fear and big money seem to this observer to be getting in the way.

Another update: A single mouse was discovered to be immune to all cancers at lethal doses. It is speculated that the "mutation" that caused this result has actually reverted the mouse's immune system back to the way our immune systems may have originally been --- before a fluke mutation somewhere in evolution removed the ability to naturally fight cancer. This single mouse has been bred, and 40% of all offspring carry this "anti-cancer gene". There is now a colony of over 1000 such mice and growing daily. The mouse was discovered in 1999 at Forest Wake Medical Center, but disputes over ownership and financial royalties have prevented the mouse from being made available for widespread research. Because mice and humans share virtually identical DNA, hopefully the discovery of what instills the anti-cancer immunity will be then applicable to human genetic engineering.

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