In September, 1991, a bunch of us went to New Orleans for a few days. Cecily had been there once as a small child, and was having a kind of deja-vu experience riding around in the carriage, seeming to recall things from long ago.

The photo below was taken just as Cec looked at the pictures in the glass case at an erotic club in the French Quarter. The expression on Cecily's face captures a real essence of Cec. Raised in Beverly Hills in a showbiz family, there was none-the-less always just a touch of innocence in Cec. This photo perfectly captures Cecily's "taken aback" reaction. No doubt in the next instant we all started to laugh.

Below is the original 3-D picture, which was taken with a 1950s Stereo Realist Camera.  If you print both the right and left eye images (to copy a picture to your drive, just right click your mouse on each picture), you can view this in all its realism in any inexpensive 3-D viewer --- such as a replica "Victorian 3-D Parlor Viewer" that museums and art galleries sell as souvenirs in the gift shop.