Cecily's Family Tree

Below: Cecily's Paternal Grandparents (Maddie's GREAT Grandparents) Bill and Constance Yarmy (circa 1957)


Below: Cecily's maternal grandparents (Maddie's GREAT grandparents) Gus and Rose Efantis. Gus was from Greece, and Rose was born on May 2, 1897 in Brooklyn, NY of Italian immigrants; Rose's father Arcangelo Monaco is Maddie's Great Great Grandfather, and Rose's mother was Adelaide Garagusi (originally Garaguso) - born May 7, 1866 in Laurenzana, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy; died July 18, 1956 in Washington D.C.  Rose Elizabeth (Monaco) Efantis passed away at the age of 90 in LA on October 18, 1987.

I think that Cec received some of her Grandmother's features, (as well as plenty of features from her dad, Don Adams). And where (at least in part) does Maddie's middle name Rose come from?

Gus Efantis made a 60-minute audio recording of his life story, and I have preserved a copy to give to Maddie someday.


Below: Cecily's maternal Great Grandfather, Arcangelo Monaco, with his children, (his wife was Adelaide Garagusi). Arcangelo and Adelaide were married September 18, 1883 in New York. Adelaide was about 21 years his junior.

Left to Right :  Pasquale Pete Monaco (rear, standing), Rose Elizabeth Monaco (Cecily's maternal Grandmother),  Arcangelo Monaco (Cecily's Great Grandfather), Mary Virginia Monaco (known as Mayme), Julius Joseph Monaco (standing behind Mayme), and Filippo Maccarone Monaco, (Grandfather of Cecily's cousin Nita, who is also decended from the De Medici family of Florence, Italy on Nita's father's side); Filippo was born April 22, 1881 of Arcangelo's previous relationship.

Photo taken in Washington D.C. circa 1900.