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   MENU OF VIDEOS                                               BELOW: select your connection type to play the video

1. Memorial Tribute to Cecily - by Bill Anderson                       DIAL-UP Modem (50 Kbs)        Hi-Speed ISP (400 Kbs)

2. Maddie's 2nd Birthday Party (Aug 2003)                               DIAL-UP Modem (50 Kbs)        Hi-Speed ISP (400 Kbs)

3. "My Life" - Groundlings Improv (Feb 1996)                     DIAL-UP Modem (50 Kbs)        Hi-Speed ISP (400 Kbs)   

4. "Coincidence" - Groundlings Improv (Feb 1996)              DIAL-UP Modem (50 Kbs)        Hi-Speed ISP (400 Kbs)

5. Cec and Maddie "Goodnight Gorilla" (Jan 2004)                                                                       Hi-Speed ISP (400 Kbs)

6. "Feelin' Moogie" - Fantasticon 2000                              DIAL-UP Modem (50 Kbs)        Hi-Speed ISP (400 Kbs)


We love you Cec. You are unique in all the Universe. Your talent, spirit and love will be a part of us for all of time.

Much more coming in the months and years ahead. Please check back.